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Wallpaper Mania

Here at Elliston House, we LOVE wallpaper. With the launch of our CRAFTED x Elliston House collection in February, we introduced grasscloth and wide width panel ground options, in addition to our traditional clay coated papers. Wallpaper is not just having a moment - it's here to stay! Wallpaper isn't only for walls ... think bookshelves, ceilings, cabinet faces, nooks, etc. All of our papers are digitally printed to order using eco-friendly dies. By printing, cutting, and selling by the yard (not the roll), we are able to eliminate waste and help our customers save money! Continue reading to learn more about our wallcovering options! 

Meet our CRAFTED x Elliston House Wallcoverings

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How to Measure and How to Order

Measuring for wallpaper can be tricky, which is why we always recommend hiring a wallpaper installer to measure for you. However, measuring can be done on your own if you are a seasoned DIY expert! For tips on how to measure and calculate wallpaper, click here or here. Please note that there are around 4.5 yards of wallpaper on a traditional single roll and 9 yards of wallpaper on a double roll.

The standard wallpaper yardage measurement calculation is:

ceiling height x wall length = square footage 

square footage of space divided by 9 square feet = total lineal yards needed

*note that 9 square feet is the conversion of 1 yard of wallpaper to feet*

All of our wallcoverings (including grasscloth, wide-width panels, and traditional clay coated paper) are digitally printed and sold by the single yard on our website to both consumers and design members of our Trade Program with an average turnaround time of 2-3 weeks. Printing and selling by the yard allows the installer to more precisely measure yardage, leaving minimal waste and, ultimately, less spend (yay!). Samples are available for all of our papers. Our various paper ground substrates have different widths, so be sure to check the width of the paper you are looking to order before measuring. 

Additionally, all papers have a 1" bleed on either side for trimming before installation, meaning they come untrimmed with a selvedge edge. This allows for more control when matching seams during installation and protects the edges during shipment. 

Find A Wallpaper Installer

We always recommend hiring a wallpaper installer to measure and hang our wallcoverings. Need help finding a local wallpaper installer? Click here

Care & Cleaning

We recommend using a damp rag with light pressure to gently remove any scuffs. As with fabric, scrubbing can cause the ink to fade. 

Grasscloth 101

Since launching our first glasscloth papers, we've had some questions about where and when to use grasscloth. Grasscloth is best suited for bedrooms, dining rooms, powder baths, and offices. The thickness of grasscloth makes it more likely to peel in humid areas like full bathrooms. Because grasscloth is a natural textured fiber, there can be imperfections and variations in the ground when hanging - but don't let this scare you! Grasscloth provides so much depth and warmth to a space, and we love it for it's organic feel! 


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