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Let's play a little game of "get to know our shades"! We spent countless hours measuring, coloring, designing, and selecting the perfect dimensions and fabrics for our first collection of lampshades. And everyone knows that a fabric shade can truly transform and elevate a room! What an easy way to bring some color and pattern into the heart of your home. 


How We Style Our Shades

Selecting the Right Shade, Base, and Harp

All lampshades have 3 measurements - a bottom (or base), a slope (or side), and a top. These 3 measurements help you determine what lamp base will fit best with your shade size. Most shades are referred to by their bottom (or base) measurement. As a general rule of thumb, your shade should be about twice the width of the lamp base. You can also flip your shade on it's side and measure your shade's base against your lamp base, starting at the bottom of the lamp base and measuring all the way up to the top of the lamp base (not including the wiring / fittings or finial harp). Your shade's bottom measurement should be around the same height as your lamp base. However, this isn't rocket science, folks - if it looks good and it feels good, then it IS good! It doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it makes you happy. 

Once on the lamp, your shade should hide almost all of the metal neck of the lamp. 

All shades will need a finial harp - these sometimes come with the lamp base itself, but they can also be easily found on Amazon. For 18" base shades, we recommend a 9"harp. For 15" base shades, we recommend an 8" harp. For 14" base shades, we recommend a 7" harp. You never want the harp to show, so your shade needs to have a long enough slope (or side measurement) to cover up the harp itself. The good news? Harps are easily interchangeable and cheap!

Lamp Bases We Love With Our Shades

LINKS: 1. Linden 2. Phoebe 3. Eerdmans 4. Penelope 5. Weller

SHADES: Posey Sand, Iris Teal


LINKS: 1. Beekman 2. Luisa  3. Savitri 4. Pineapple 5. Small Speckled 

SHADES: Dover Taffy, Meadow Pear

LINKS: 1. Red Tiered 2. Roddy 3. Murphy 4. Shree Baba

SHADE: Dover Azul


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