Meet Meadow Multi


Meet Meadow Multi

Elliston House Meadow Multi House Blue Fabric on Standard Shams with a Flange in Guest Bedroom
Discover our most playful, colorful, all-over floral - Meadow Multi! She's beauty and she's grace. She's mid-scale and feminine with a multicolor edge. Spunky, upbeat, and happy, Meadow Multi is the perfect addition to any space. We love her in nurseries, dining rooms, powder baths - you name it, she WORKS! Meadow Multi's scale makes her easy to use in a variety of design schemes and applications, from throw pillows to drapery to wallpaper. This flower-forward adds a delicate, yet bold touch to a space that may be lacking a little oomph. Keep on reading to learn a little bite more about what makes this pattern so special!

Meadow Multi's drink of choice

Meadow Multi's drink of choice is an Aperol Spritz. She's high-energy, spunky, girly, positive, and bold.

Elliston House Meadow Multi Leaf Dinner Napkins

Our favorite EH pattern to mix with Meadow Multi

We love pairing Dover with Meadow Multi to bring an edge to what could be a more feminine space.

Elliston House Meadow Multi House Blue fabric on Standard Shams with a fabric lampshade gathered in Dover Poppy.

Our favorite spaces featuring Meadow Multi

Ally's powder bath features Meadow Multi wallpaper in our fabulous house blue colorway. This space makes you feel like your frolicking through a field of flowers in the south of France. 

Powder bath covered in Meadow Multi House Blue wallpaper

We also love these Meadow Multi White pillows with contrasting citrine welt on the bed in this guest bedroom. The pairing of Meadow Multi and Posey creates the perfect scale.

Meadow Multi White fabric pillows on a guest bed from Elliston House

Finally, Meadow Multi Leaf shines in this living room shot featuring a Posey Moss covered sofa AND a Posey Moss throw pillow. We love repeating the same pattern in a space, and Meadow Multi adds an extra layer of much-needed dimension and floral motif. 

Meadow Multi Leaf fabric on this sofa pillow with teal brush fringe

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