Designer Series : Meet Aryn Guillory of Oyster Creek Studios

Meet Aryn Guillory

Aryn Guillory of Oyster Creek Studios
As the driving force behind Houston interior design studio Oyster Creek Studios and custom bespoke furniture line Oyster Creek Collection, Aryn Guillory is a visionary leader with a strong passion for transforming homes and spaces into a beautiful, well-tailored environment. Oyster Creek Studios and Oyster Creek Collection have both quickly become a livable luxury home décor brand that is colorful, whimsical, and sophisticated.
Aryn received her degree from Baylor University in 2006 in Family & Consumer Science and upon graduation, she began working for a world-wide gas pipeline - transmission distribution company where she was a health and safety manager for nearly 13 years. In 2016, Aryn and her husband designed and built their first custom home on Oyster Creek and during this process, she discovered a passion and love for interior design. Aryn started documenting their building process on social media and before long, friends and friends of friends, and neighbors began to ask her for design help. For nearly two years, Aryn worked long nights and weekends on small design projects and sooner than later, the projects continued to grow and Aryn decided to leave her corporate job and peruse her dream of running her own design business. In 2018, OCS was born and, in the fall of 2020, Aryn opened Oyster Creek Collection.
Family Living Room featuring Elliston House throw pillows by Oyster Creek Studios

What’s your thought process behind choosing the textiles in a room?

"I always start with how I want the space to feel and function and the overall vibe of the space before I start choosing the textiles in the room. Most of the time I go by how I want the room to FEEL when you walk into the space and then I start pulling fabrics for it. It's all about a gut feeling I get inside of me!"

 Bedroom featuring white side table, gild mirror, and Elliston House throw pillows

How do you feel about mixing color and pattern?

"LOVE IT! Mixing patterns and color is where the magic happens when designing a space. It's what makes my heart pitter-patter and when all of my creative juices start flowing."

 Oyster Creek Bedroom featuring a blue headboard with Meadow Multi lumbar and Posey Green pillows

What color palettes or inspiration are you loving lately?

"Lavenders and blues, lavenders and oranges, and browns and chartreuses are some of my favorite color combos. I always gravitate towards anything with a mod print/design."

 Study featuring EH pillows

What is your favorite EH pattern and why?

"DOVER - it's a touch mod and whimsical, and it pairs so greatly with just about any other fabric made!"

 Elliston House Dover Poppy lumbar pillow on a window-seat bench by Oyster Creek Studis

Where would you use Dover and how would you style it?

"Literally anywhere! Chairs, beds, benches, ottomans, drapery, shades, and wallpaper! Just wait ... Oyster Creek Collection is scheming up something really special with EH this year!"

 Dover Poppy bolster pillow on a bed by Oyster Creek Studios

To find out more about Aryn Guillory and her amazing team at Oyster Creek Studios and Oyster Creek Collection, check out her website! Thank you for joining us for this incredibly special Designer Spotlight Series! 

Family Living Room with Elliston House throw pillows by Oyster Creek Studios

*All photography is by Analacia Herrmann*

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