Designer Series : Meet Kate Figler of Kate Figler Interiors

Meet Kate Figler

Kate Figler of Kate Figler Interiors
Kate Figler is a Nashville-based designer who specializes in layered and
timeless interiors that speak to her clients’ unique personalities and taste. A
lover of color and pattern, Kate strives to create spaces that mix luxurious
fabrics, natural textures, and both traditional and contemporary elements.
While born and raised in New England, Kate’s relocation to Nashville helped
distinguish her style and aesthetic. Her rooms blend both the charm of the
Northeast and the tradition of the South. You’ll see a mix of elegant antiques,
gorgeous textiles, and fresh interpretations of classic designs that all work
together to make her rooms one of a kind.

What’s the first thing you start with when designing a room?

"I always start with a color story that is within a fabric, wallpaper or even a
piece of art. I tend to identify this main inspiration and then build everything
else in the room off of this."

Living Room by Kate Figler Interiors

What’s your favorite EH pattern and why?

"Vera Vine is so vibrant and happy - I love the color combinations and
movement it evokes. It is the perfect starting point for any design as it opens
up so many possibilities for other fabric and color incorporations."

Elliston House Vera Vine White Wallpaper in Powder Bath by Kate Figler Interiors

Do you see any advantages of working with smaller textile lines?

"Textiles are a passion of mine - I am thrilled when I discover a new line I was
not previously familiar with! By working with smaller textile companies, you
are not only supporting a small business but you are also integrating
products that are unique and not overly saturated within the market. Clients love knowing their homes feature fabrics and wallpapers that offer a fresh
perspective and are more boutique."

Elliston House Textiles

What is your favorite room to design?

"I am always partial to a dining room - we typically get to showcase a bolder
wallpaper and dive more into custom details since these spaces are so
formal. I love thinking through the window treatments, lighting and other
accessories that go into these rooms. Plus they tend to have great energy as
they are the spot where so many happy memories are made sitting around
the table, sharing a good meal and celebrating!"

Dining Room by Kate Figler Interiors

What is your favorite thing about being an Interior Designer?

"I absolutely love the task of telling a story and creating a feeling through
color, pattern, furnishings and art. Your home is not only a reflection of your
taste, but it is also the place where you ideally feel most relaxed and my goal
is to interpret what this looks like for each of our clients. This combination of
imagination and intentionality is really fulfilling for me - it’s what I daydream
about even when I’m away from the office."

Kitchen designed by Kate Figler Interiors

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