Designer Series : Meet Kerry Spears of Kerry Spears Interiors

Meet Kerry Spears

Kerry Spears of Kerry Spears Interiors
Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, Kerry has always had a love for old homes, beautiful details and classic character. After living in Charleston, SC, she discovered her love only grew fonder for the charm of historical architecture. Through a passion for beautiful homes and an innate skill for aesthetics, Kerry Spears Interiors was brought to life. Kerry’s signature style fuses traditional interiors with a fresh, modern flair. Kerry travels all over designing homes but she currently lives in Greensboro, NC with her husband, daughter, son and mini bernedoodle.

What’s the first thing you start with when designing a room?

"I always start with the fabrics. I’m not sure that is *technically* the right order of events, but I think the textiles set the tone and are the most exciting. They get everyone energized and excited for the space. Then when we do the layout, I can decide which patterns we want to be the heroes of the room and feel the strongest and which ones can accent it all."

Family Living Room Designed by Kerry Spears of Kerry Spears Interiors

What’s your favorite EH pattern and why?

"Dover is my absolute favorite EH pattern. It can be used as a main favorite or almost act as a neutral. It’s whimsical and fun and can be used in a wide range of spaces."

Interior Bar Nook with Green Painted High Gloss Shelves and Dover House Blue Wallpaper by Elliston House

Do you see any advantages of working with smaller textile lines?

"YES! I love working with smaller textile lines because they are just as excited about the creativity as I am. I love working with people who feel passionate about what they do and help make dreams a reality. EH did a custom color and scale of one of their patterns to make one of my rooms exactly how we envisioned."

Custom Boutique Textiles for the Home by Elliston House

How do you feel about mixing color and pattern?

"Mixing color and pattern is almost always necessary for a well-designed room. It gives a space interest and depth. The patterns shouldn’t all be big and bold - you have to have balance. I like to have one strong pattern and then a few other patterns that vary in scale and style. Some patterns should be tonal and others bringing in a variety of color. Look to your more colorful patterns to pull out a color that may be unexpected. That could be the same tone you then carry throughout the home for continuity."

Primary Bedroom Featuring Hues of Soft Greens and Pale Blues Designed by Kerry Spears of Kerry Spears Interiors

What color palettes or inspiration are you loving lately?

"Not sure if it’s the weather change but I’m currently loving raspberry red, deep teal blue and a warm brown. One of my favorite patterns of all time is Pierre Frey’s Le Grand Genois. I’ve always been drawn to it and I find myself reaching for the colors within that lately. Since those color tend to be a little strong, I love to use them in a playful manner with more modern stripes or ditzy small-scale patterns."

Interior Entrance Hall Foyer Featuring Scrolling Vine Brown and Taupe Wallpaper Designed by Kerry Spears of Kerry Spears Interiors

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